We are a team of spiritual seekers from Zagreb, looking to provide a quality event in a roundtable formaton the subject of the mind.

Because of the experience and knowledge of our speakers, and also the subject of conversation, we are confident the guest will receive the most insightful conclusions on mysteries of the human mind.

These mysteries seem so complex, and yet the most simple as can be.

As to know your mind should be as easy as to know yourself, in theory, should be simple, however in life we are all surprised and constantly challenged by it.

For the subjects that we are interested in, we like to have exactly the best possible individuals, addressing accurately all points, and coming to valuable conclusions.

Specially chosen subjects will be in depth analyzed, with Jadranko and Dražen.

The idea is that the ultimate truth about how the mind works on most depth levels should be the same following ancient Vedic teachings and advanced hypnotherapy doctrines.

Can Jadranko and Dražen find common ground, and simplify all these challenges that humans are facing for Millenniums?

Both Jadranko and Dražen, although true masters in their respective disciplines are very open to hearing others at first sight different approaches to ideas on the subjects they are very much passionate about.

For more about Dražen and Jadranko, and more about the program please check at other sheets.

For any questions, please write at info@simplifyingreality.com