Demystifying the mind
Event that focuses on key mechanism and operating of the mind considering
two perspectives:
– Modern hypnotherapy doctrine, in area of past life regression, and life between lives regressions
– Yogic learning, and ancient Vedic doctrine
Each of the doctrines has fundamental assumptions, and techniques on how to achieve certain goals.
To simplify, both doctrines focus on mind.
Where are the beliefs, fears, karmas stored? How are they created? What are ‘’fears “exacty, are they
part of us? The laws and operating mechanism, on how to remove them?
When passing through mind layers, from the shallowest almost physical thoughts, to more subtle ideas,
and then even more subtle as dream like visions, and then even more subtle…? or we somehow lose the
control. As if we are floating, border line non existing and existing to the fullest…?
And then somehow, from the most subtle state of mind we can have, such a great perception at our life is
there, and even an option to lose a fear, or add new belief, or code.
What is even a difference of this “dream like state” and passing through realities, even seemingly from
past to future lives? Or even to something that perhaps never existed, or to some other realms…?
The best answers to all this questions can certainly give Jadranko and Dražen.
Is the modern hypnotherapy related to ancient yogic practice?
How is possible to remember past lives with hypnotherapy? But is also possible to remember using yogic
techniques? Are both disciplines using the same fundamental principles on how the mind words?

The speakers are
Jadranko Miklec,
Master yogi, with almost half of a century experience as a yogi. Jadranko has outmost reputation and
integrity as Yoga teacher with his in-depth knowledge from own and experience as a teacher.
More about Jadranko, can be found at his personal website:

Dražen Radaković
A reputable hypnotherapist, in past life regression, life between lifes regressions, and much more.
More about Dražen can be found at:
Dražens expertize seems to be an ideal doctrine to challenge Jadranko expertize, and vice versa.