The event will start at 18:15, with the following schedule:

Part 1) Introduction

(15 mins approx) // approx 18:15- 18:30

Presentation of the Team 

  • Yogacharia Jadranko Miklec

    • Master Yogi

    • In-depth experience with resolving various mind challenges while utilizing all 8 limbs of Yoga

    • De-mistifying ancient, simple, and vital knowledge on human existence

  • Hypnotherapist Dražen Radaković

    • Life between lives sessions experiences

    • Past life regression experiences

    • Various thought forms/fears resolve over up to multiple incarnations, valuable perceptions, and lessons learned

Although Jadranko and Dražen belong to different teachings, still the vital knowledge and takeaways regarding our minds, from both disciplines resonate completely with all the key points, as the truth is always the same.

Part 2) In-depth addressing most common life challenges 

(approx 90 mins)               // approx 18:30 – 20:30, with 30 min break in the middle

with most practical real-life examples, some challenges that are spread over multiple incarnations.

To understand the talk better first is vital to define one key term  – Thoughtform. 

Thoughtform is a bundle of thoughts in the subconscious mind.  As these are in the subconscious, implies not yet fully under ”our” control, often unwanted thoughts, that have a major influence in:

  • Life decision making

  • Life Journey

  • Physical health

  • Mental health

  • Spiritual progression

To add, any fear, belief, and you can say karma, can be considered as a thoughtform.

The most common mistake in addressing those is that they can not be changed, etc.

However, Jadranko and Dražen will go in-depth into those, going back and forth provides amazing perceptions of these common life challenges, how to resolve them, and get consciousness over these life-controlling beliefs.

Note:  a short break will be in about the middle of part 2, and a second break after part 2

Part 3) Q & A

 (approximately 45 mins) // approx 20:30 – 21:15

Jadranko and Dražen will give their best to give best replies to as many questions as possible, including the questions submitted to our webpage or Facebook page

Note: Please feel free to submit your questions up to 3 days before an event

Other information:

  • Free parking is available for all guests at the Hall facilities

  • The event will be held in the English language

  • The event will not be recorded, and photos/videos of any participants will not be taken, without received permission. For more details on GDPR, please see our data privacy page

  • Participants are invited to send us at, any questions that are to be possibly answered during the event. The most will be replied, whatever time will allow

  • For any other questions please send us mail at