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Karma, is it working really?

What is karma, what is difference with any belief you might have or fear that you might have, and karma?

Having a fear is the having a belief that something is to be scared off?

So conceptually there is no difference between fear and belief, and then we all know that having karma, mean “something that will happened to us”, as that is our “karma”.

Is believing in something affecting likelihood, that this something will happen to us?

However, when we are in fear of something, we somehow see that something everywhere, don’t we?

That means that that something is in our reality in our mind often, just because we fear it?

But what is in our mind, that is the reality actual that we are living.

Lately are very popular theories on law of attraction. Does fear of something “attracts” some reality into our life? They say, what is our karma, this we attract to our life?

So, what is it actually a belief, a bundle of thoughts, something beyond this dimension?

What is the nature of any belief that we are having?

These are all difficult questions, however the very best experts to give competent replies on that topics are:

  • Jadranko Miklec, Yogacharia, and master of Vedic knowledge, with 40+ years of experience in studying such topics
  • Dražen Radaković, hypnotherapist, specialized in past life regressions, and life between life regressions.

Both Jadranko and Dražen, in this unique interactive event “Demystifying the mind” will dive into our life challenges, that spread across multiple life incarnations, what are consequences on physical, mental and other life challenges, what situations we are attracting to our lives, or are we?

And finally, how to get out of this unwanted life loops that we end up in, that create suffering in our lives.